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-1-2017 OFFICERS

Derrick Karimian

Anthony Shannon

Immediate Past President
Helen Pierson

Peter Friesen

Kathe Chandler

Sgt. at Arms
Kevin Rahill

Board of Directors
Shawna Gilroy
Constance Howard
Anthony J. Intintoli, Jr.
Jeanne Kilkenny-Turk
Denise Martin
Shane McAffee
David Perry
Michael Tastsides

On April 14th, 2016, Vallejo Rotary brought the "Every 15 Minutes" program to Vallejo. (More information)

(from left to right: Connie Howard (Vallejo Rotary Club Secretary), Jim Lyon (PAL Board President), Mike Kollar (PAL Executive Director), Robert BriseƱo (Vallejo Rotary President), Ron Richardson (PAL Commissioner of Youth Sports).

On Thursday, January 9th,  2015, the Vallejo Rotary Club donated $20,000 to the Police Athletic League. This money is earmarked to pay for real restrooms and concessions facilities at the PAL field.

Ron Richardson (PAL Commissioner of Youth Sports, and project manager for this improvement), Mike Kollar (PAL Executive Director), and Jim Lyon (PAL Board President) were on hand to explain where the new restrooms and concessions facilities would go and at what stage the project currently is. The PAL field is at the corner of Star and Wallace right next to Franklin Middle School.

Ron hopes to have the restroom/concession facilities part of the project finished by May of this year.

We just donated $1,000 to Leadership Vallejo! It's great to be a part of such a great organization.

Any member in good standing wishing to propose a new member should read the information regarding the process by following this link.

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